Professional Otoscope, 3.5 V LED with rechargeable Li-ion Battery and plug-in handle

₹ 19,500.00₹ 26,000.00

At Riester, we have made further improvements to our otoscopes: The newest generation ri-scope®L otoscopes combines excellent optical properties and unparalleled performance with the reliability and efficiency of LED/lithium-ion technology. Developing exact diagnostic instruments to the highest level is Riester`s aim. The ri-scope® L opens a new era of high-performance and user-friendly diagnostic instruments. Li-ions/LED technology and new high-performance instruments significantly reduce costs while improving both effectiveness and reliability. Essentially improved optics and functions of the instrument. LED illumination – Bright, white light with a nearly unlimited lifetime! With its monochromatic white light (reference color temperature = 5.500° Kelvin) the lamp in the ri-scope® L provides cold light and true-color, even illumination of the area under examination. Lamps with LED technology have a lifetime of at least 10,000 hours (compared to 20-30 hours with halogen and Xenon lamps) and are extremely energy-efficient. Li-ion batteries – greatest power in the smallest space! Considerably higher charging capacity, longer lifetime, light-weight – these are the big advantages of the ri-scope® L with Li-ion and Libatteries. Li-ions batteries provide sustained high performance for up to 1200 charging cycles, with no memory effect and hardly any self-discharge. LEDs powered by lithium batteries can burn for up to 50 hours. rheotronic Technology - Effective and safe Light Patented technology for LEDs and bulbs. 100% light output after short switch activation, continuously variable light adjustment and automatic safety shut-down. Plug handles For ri-accu® and ri-accu® L rechargeable battery • Handle diameter: 28 mm. • Easy to charge by plugging it in. • With rheotronic®. ri-scope L2: The F.O. model with 3.5-V LED lights • Fiberoptics for optimal beaming and transmission of the light • Bi-directional swivelling, sealing optical glass with 3-fold magnification • Optional operation lens with 4-fold magnification available • Metal fitting for ri-mini/pen-scope® specula, compatible with specula by other well-known manufacturers • Suitable for pneumatic tests (supplied without ball)

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