Ri ClarN

₹ 25,000.00₹ 30,000.00

Riester head mirrors and headlights show their particular quality in everyday use. The high level of wearing comfort means non-fatiguing operation even after long periods of use. Innovative light techniques guarantee optimum viewing conditions. Ri clar N is optionally available with LED illumination or 6 V vacuum lamp and, as a result of battery or rechargeable battery operation, comfortable to wear without annoying power cord. The attached mirrors produce an extremely bright and cold light, particularly in conjunction with the LED illumination. clar N is impressive on account of its being comfortable to wear and very convenient in fitting and removal. • Headband version, with built-in battery compartment and integral charge jack, can be optionally fitted with 2 lithium batteries size CR 123 A, 4 batteries size AAA (alkaline) or 4 rechargeable batteries size AAA (NiMH). • Headband cleaning made easy by inner, removable and washable padding. • Particularly comfortable with balanced, infinitely adjustable headband. • Mirror Ø 55 mm and Ø 100 mm, infinitely adjustable and fixable. • On/off switch on the battery compartment. • Charge jack for plug-in charger integrated in battery compartment. • White LED, 1 Watt with 5500° Kelvin, 6 V or with 6 V vacuum lamp. • Adjustable lamp holder on the mirror to focus the circle of light. • Battery operation approx. 30 hrs. with lithium batteries, approx. 90 min. with alkaline batteries Type AAA. • Rechargeable battery operation: approx. 90 min. with fully charged battery. • Weight with mirror 55 mm: 209 g without batteries, 242 g with CR 123 A lithium batteries, 258 g with rechargeable AAA batteries. • Delivery in carton.

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