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ri-mini Ophthalmoscope - 2.5 V Halogen Lamp, AA Batteries

₹ 9,800.00₹ 11,200.00

Riester offers first-class pocket instruments for ENT and direct ophthalmoscopy made of strong materials. The ri-mini® ophthalmoscopes are suitable for both physicians and students alike. Their lightness and handy design make them not only useful companions during rounds and house calls, but also in daily use. • ri-mini® with halogen illumination similar to daylight. • Made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic in appealing Riester colours. • Heads with screw fitting, exchangeable. • Metal clip on handle for secure attachment to the doctor’s coat. • Instruments can be easily switched on and off using the slide-switch on the handle. • Practical adjustment ring with sturdy metal screw thread to turn the instrument head to the ideal position on the handle. • Sets are supplied in hard case boxes or in nylon bags. • Developed and manufactured in Germany. ri-mini® ophthalmoscopes are practical and simple to use and thus ideal for ophthalmoscopic examinations. With their help, the eye and ocular fundus can be examined in detail. ri-mini® ophthalmoscope • With HL 2.5 V halogen lamp. • Screw fitting for fast and secure attachment tothe handle. • Sturdy adjustment ring to turn the instrument head to the ideal position on the handle. • Extremely impact resistant casing made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic. • Simple exchange of the lamp at the base of the instrument head. Physician’s side • Focussing wheel with corrective lenses from 0 to +20 and 0 to –20 dioptres. • Illuminated dioptre display. • Built-in eyeglass protector. Patient’s side • Easy to operate aperture hand-wheel. • Four different apertures: - Small circle + semi-circle to reduce reflexes in small pupils. - Large circle for normal examination of the ocular fundus. - Fixation star for determining central or eccentric fixation. • Red open filter with contrast-enhancing effect. For the assessment of fine vascular changes, e.g. retinal haemorrhages.

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