Suction Pro

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A PATENTED MEDICAL DEVICE SUITABLE FOR PROFESSIONAL / HOME USE AND SPECIFICALLY FOR MUCUS REMOVAL IN PEOPLE WHO HAVE UNDERGONE TRACHEOTOMY. MANUAL SUCTION FLOW CONTROL Flaem’s continuous innovation has released a patented suction control ASPICONFORT for the Suction Pro and Port A Suction devices (see  g). Unlike most other current competitor products the ASPICONFORT fitted to the Suction Pro and Port A Suction allows an accurate control of suction; in other words, the doctor can regulate with high precision the suction effect on a patient, so that it is possible to guarantee the best possible comfort during treatment. Technical Specifications - Double Pump - Power supply/Power: 230V ~ 50Hz/80VA - Adjustable vacuum range: from -0.16 to -0.81 bar approx - Suction catheter air flow: 20 l/min approx - Pump air flow: 24 l/min approx - Weight: 5,5 Kg - Sound level (at 1 m): 60 dB (A) approx - Dimensions: 33 (L) x 25 (P) x 22 (H) cm - In compliance with Dir. 93/42/EEC (for the 230 V ~ 50 Hz unit only) - Warranty: 2 Years Accessories - 1000 ml Collection jar - Air connection tubes - Antibacterial filter - Disposable steril suction catheter - Disposable manual suction regulator

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