Thermoflash - Infrared Thermometer

₹ 4,500.00₹ 5,900.00

ThermoFlash, the third and latest generation of infrared thermometers. ThermoFlash LX-260T is the quickest, the most reliable and the most accurate of infrared thermometers. The ThermoFlash, is a unique thermometer that has the latest technological application allowing the user to take temperature instantly and without any body contact. With ThermoFlash LX-260T, you no longer need to take a temperature through axillary, auricular, oral or rectal means. Features Include - Takes the temperature instantly - Talking function, 3 languages - Back light colors for better diagnostic results - Immediate temperature recordings - Always ready to use - It’s an un-intrusive way of taking temperature without waking your child - It memorizes the last 32 temperature recordings - No sanitization is necessary as there is no body contact - It can be used on the elderly and on those with reduced mobility - It can also be used to check the temperature of a feeding bottle, of bath water, Technical Specifications - Normal operation conditions 10°C ~ 40°C - Humidity ratio + 85% - Temperature display °F or °C - Display resolution 0,1 °C - Body mode from 32° to 42.9° C - Surface Temperature mode from 0° to 60°C. - Power consumption + 50 mW - Accuracy ±0,2 °C - Measurement dist. 5 cm (2in) - Auto-stop 5 sec - Power DC3 V (2 batteries AA) - Dimensions 220 x 145 x 48 mm (LxlxH) - Weight 320 gms - Warranty 2 years /40 000 recordings

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