Port A Suction


A PATENTED COMPACT AND PORTABLE MEDICAL DEVICE SUITABLE FOR VARIOUS SUCTION APPLICATIONS SUCH AS THE DAILY TREATMENT OF MUCOUS REMOVAL FOR PEOPLE WHO HAVE UNDERGONE TRACHEOSTOMY. Manual Suction Flow Control Flaem’s continuous innovation has released a patented suction control ASPICONFORT for the Suction Pro and Port A Suction devices. Unlike most other current competitor products the ASPICONFORT fitted to the Suction Pro and Port A Suction allows an accurate control of suction; in other words, the doctor can regulate with high precision the suction effect on a patient, so that it is possible to guarantee the best possible comfort during treatment. Technical Specifications - Double stage rotative piston compressor for continuous use - Operating voltage: 12V DC - Adjustable vacuum range: from -0.16 to -0.81 bar approx - Suction catheter air flow: 20 l/min approx - Pump air flow: 24 l/min approx - Sound level (at 1 m): 65 dB (A) approx - Weight: 5,6 Kg - Dimensions: 37 (L) x 10 (P) x 24 (H) cm - Operation with fully charged internal battery: 30 minutes - In compliance with Dir. 93/42/EEC (for the 230 V ~ 50 Hz unit only) - Warranty: 2 Years Accessories - 1000 ml Collection jar - Air connection tubes - Antibacterial filter - Disposable steril suction catheter - Disposable manual suction regulator - Multi voltage power supply unit - Cigarette-lighter cord

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